Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Day care activity centre in north West Cumbria

Copeland Occupational Social Centrre (COSC) was born out of a need for some kind of after care for newly disabled people once they left hospital, once its popularity grew COSC moved to Cleator Moor (its present site ) and Copeland Occupational and Social Centre became as we know it today.  Over the years COSC has grown and grown and in February 2001 it opened a second premises in Maryport which has became known as ALLERDALE COSC.  Both centres continue to offer a high level of occupational facilities with social activities. 

The range of activities varies from educational to confidence building and specialist themed days.  It is always great fun and the dedicated staff, volunteers and outside tutors from the Workers Education Association (WEA) and the local Education Authority see the person and not the disability.

Many young school leavers have come to both centres and recieved first class on the job training from Angela Bethwaite and Brenda Barry and their care teams, which has enabled the youngsters to develop a career in the caring profession.

To find out more about these wonderful centres click here.

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