Friday, 3 August 2012

Training Pack

Joseph`s Story

A disability awareness DVD and booklet training pack compiled by Kevin Pardell of Maryport in Cumbria.

This pack aims to offer an insight into living with disabilities and to increase the students' understanding of how a person with disabilities expect, and needs, to be treated in every day life. The DVD is designed for both children and adults to introduce a discussion on disability into the classroom and/or work place.
In addition to encouraging discussion and promoting understanding and empathy, it is hoped that the training pack will be used to enable teachers, students, employees etc. to disscuss disability and the challenges faced openly and without fear of judgement or stigma.

Copies of Joseph's story DVD and booklet can be obtained at a cost of £15 including postage and packaging. For more information please contact Allerdale COSC, Park hill, he Ghyll, Maryport CA15 7BD
Tel: 01900 819648


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                 Please send me … copies of Joseph's story at £15 per pack.
                                    I enclose the cheque for  £  ..........

   return by post to allerdale cosc park hill the ghyll netherton maryport ca157bd
         or fax 01900  819084

  for further infomation telephone 01900 819648

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